Morning all, here's my end of the month update listing all of the changes that I made to the portfolio heading into May!

As usual, I wanted to start by highlighting the best performers in our stock portfolio for the month of April 👇

1) XXII (XXII) +47% 2) Ethereum (ETH) +40% 3) Google (GOOG) +17% 4) Amazon (AMZN) +12% 5) Visa (VISA) +12% In a month where most tech stocks suffered, these 5 investments delivered us some great gains and nudged us into positive territory for the month. You can learn more about why I love these stocks below!

WILL ETHEREUM HIT 10K IS XXII THE BEST CANNABIS STOCK 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD BUY GOOGLE STOCK April was a particularly volatile month and I used the price fluctuations to take advantage and build positions in some massively oversold stocks! INCREASED POSITIONS

Netflix (NFLX) - I've added to my position in Netflix after it's recent earnings miss, HERE'S 5 REASONS WHY I think Netflix will 4X from here! Canopy (CGC) - The best positioned cannabis stock given its cash hoard and partnership with beverage giant Constellation Brands... Below a market cap of $10b I think this stock is a winner - CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHY! Tilray (TLRY) - The stock is well positioned within the budding cannabis industry. It was growing too quickly earlier in the year and since the bubble burst it has created a fair entry point for investors. Lemonade (LMND) - After a huge run, this high quality insuretech stock has suffered worse than most during the recent broad market rotation. After announcing their foray into Car insurance, their total addressable market has also increased 70x! Check out the reasons why I believe Lemonade stock can 10x on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Tencent Music (TME) - This music streaming stock fell dramatically as one of their biggest investors (Archegos Capital) collapsed. The stock is fairly valued right now and here is everything you need to know about TENCENT MUSIC!

REDUCED POSITIONS Next Era (NEE) - One of my favourite American clean energy companies. However the stock is trading at a price to sales ratio of 9 vs historical average of 2! Orsted (ORSTED) - Another one of my favourite clean energy companies. Like Next Era, this Danish giant is trading at record multiples (Price to sales; 11 vs historical average of 2). XXII (XXII) - This plant biology specialist has soared 700% over the past 12 months. I believe that this stock could be worth more than where it trades currently however its time to lock in some profits and wait for a pullback! I will be posting a youtuve video explaining why XXII could be 1 of the best growth stocks in 2021 so SUBSCRIBE and check that out.

CLOSED POSITIONS Cardano (ADA) - After becoming the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap, I think a lot of the future value is now baked in and the downside risk has become substantial! Boeing (BA) - Was hardly moved by the recent tech sell-off and therefore have closed my positions in Boeing to take advantage of more severely bruised tech stocks that could outperform in the near-term. Palantir (PLTR) - I'm very conflicted about Palantir. Part of me believes that they could become one of the worlds largest data software companies. Yet another part of me is suspicious of their management team, community & ethics.

Amazon (AMZN) - I don't like to hold too many trillion dollar companies in my portfolio as potential upside becomes a lot more limited. There's room for 1 giant in my portfolio & that's Google! Teamviewer (TMV) - After recently adding Teamviewer to my portfolio based on minimal research and rumour, I realised during the tech sell-off that I don't have sufficient confidence in my understanding of the stock. Spotify (SPOT) - Fortunate timing given Spotify's recent earnings miss. After rotating out of Tencent Music (TME) into Spotify when TME was at an all time high, I switched back into TME after it's recent crash.

Although I closed & reduced many positions during the past month, I have actually increased my investment in the market by putting the remainder of my cash position to work in my highest conviction stocks! This is something I have done for years and not only does it allow me to stay calm during market corrections but it is a chance to reposition ourselves to come out of the gate flying when confidence in the market is restored!

If you are worried by the recent volatility then I would like to reassure you and say that these months are common and they are fully factored into our long term investment plan. Sure we could invest super defensivly and shuffle our way forward a couple of percent per year however in order to grow our wealth exponentially (47% per year CAGR) we must weather a storm every once and a while.

So after a month that has involved many more trades than usual, I believe that our portfolio is EXTREMELY well positioned to continue benefiting from the mega growth trends that we have identified. If you continue to trust in our portfolio & trading strategy then I assure you that we will continue to grow our savings faster than almost every other method out there for many years to come!


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