I believe there is a huge investment opportunity out there right now as Unity Software travels back to the 80’s… and no I’m not talking about the era that gave us Guns N Roses, leg warmers & the SEGA Megadrive.

After a blistering IPO that took Unity stock from $75 up to $175, the stock has pretty much returned back to base (in the 80’s). Unity has taken a beating as part of the high growth tech sell-off but I think this represents an excellent investment opportunity that could… Wait for it… 10X! The stock is now my largest investment and here’s why 👇

What does Unity do?

Unity’s core offering is their software platform that makes the gaming development process easier and more affordable for developers. In fact, Unity is so dominant in this space that over 50% of all PC, mobile & console games are now built on their software engine! This gets even more impressive when looking at Unity’s involvement within the AR/VR gaming space (+60%). Their closest rival is Unreal Engine which controls a 13% share in the market and is perhaps less diverse than Unity given it’s reliance on hit games Fortnite & Rocket League!

Not only does Unity continue to dominate a gaming software industry that is expected to grow into a $4 trillion industry over the next 5 years (14% CAGR), but the company is rapidly expanding into other industries too! In fact, Unity has recently partnered with the likes of Snapchat, Samsung, BMW & Keyframe Studios across VR, animation, automotive & engineering! As Unity continues to grow it’s non-gaming revenue, we could start to see the business evolve from a gaming specialist into a more broader software giant like Adobe or IBM!

Below are some key figures that show just how big Unity Software is!

How does Unity make money?

Unity is free for all companies making less than $100K in revenues! Once a company starts making more than $100k per year then they start getting charged a hefty subscription price! Unity also specialises in helping their clients monetize their content and in doing so, Unity gets a nice share of the revenue! The company also benefits from multiple different revenue-share arrangements with partners within its Asset Store marketplace & Unity Ads.

As games and apps made with Unity reach more than 2.4 billion devices, Unity is now collecting more data on gaming preferences & habits than any other company out there. As more companies rely on data to drive their business decisions, Unity’s bottomless pit of user activity and gaming data will be worth a fortune to marketing companies & advertisers!

What does the future hold for Unity?

Unity continues to sit at the heart of a gaming software industry that’s set to continue growing for decades! They are extremely well diversified within this market as they remain the software developer of choice for huge companies like EA, Take Two, Nintendo & Ubisoft as well as the preferred software engine for most universities and colleges! The business expects to grow revenue at 30% per annum for the next 5 years thanks mostly to it’s gaming unit.

However, if the business is successful in it’s expansion beyond gaming via its industry leading AR/VR software development platform then the company should surpass these estimates! The AR & VR markets are expected to grow at a 59% compound annual growth rate until 2025 and it looks like Unity will be a huge beneficiary of this. If augmented reality & virtual reality live up to the hype then I think that Unity will find itself riding a huge wave that could well take the stock 1000% higher!

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