New month, new update!

There were a few reasons for us to celebrate in June…

⚡ A breakthrough in Crispr technology sparked a huge run for EDIT & CRISPR (we have 9% exposure to these stocks)

⚡ Unity Software (our biggest holding) jumped 16%... and will continue to climb!

⚡ AND Harry Kane nodded England past Germany in the Euros!

Let’s quickly look at the best performers in our portfolio...

🚀 EDITAS (EDIT) +67%



🚀 UNITY (U) 16%


Not only did these stocks perform extremely well during the month of June, howeve they also happen to be some of the biggest holdings in my portfolio! Here's a bit more information on what I like about each of them 👇

Editas (EDIT) - This Gene-editing stock has had a great month thanks to promising results by competitor Intellia Therapeutics. Intellia's breakthrough caused a jump for all stocks associated with CRISPR gene-editing technology and I think that we'll continue to see positive price action for Editas over the coming weeks & months! Compared to peers, its valuations are much lower, despite better revenue metrics and intellectual property. Find out all of the reasons why I love this stock HERE!

Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP) - This is another gene-editing company that specialises in CRISPR technology and finds itself benefiting from Intellia's promising results. Crispr Therapeutics has been the leading player in the industry for a while now thanks to it's partnership with Vertex Pharmaceuticals which has given them a financial advantage over rivals Editas & Intellia. After the recent rally for Intellia, CRSP is no longer the largest gene-editing stock by market cap despite the strongest financials & pipeline in the space and therefore I think it should be considered a buy even at this price! SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel for my upcoming video on Crispr Therapeutics!

Lemonade (LMDN) - Despite breaking the record for becoming the fastest Insurance company to ever surpass 1 million active users, the recent slow down in growth triggered a huge sell-off in the share price! The stock had become extremely expensive and was due a correction however this was intensified when a lockup expiration date allowed insiders to sell their shares in January! The company has bounced back strongly and there are a number of reasons to think that this insuretech stock will be worth a lot more in future. You can check out these reasons in my post on WHY LEMONADE IS A TOP GROWTH STOCK!

Unity (U) - After rising as high as $175, investors began to lock in profits and the stock began to sell-off in February. Given that the company had only just gone public, there were very little indicators on the charts as to where the stock might find support! This was exacerbated by a broader sell-off in tech stocks and Unity found itself falling 50% from it's high! This represented a huge opportunity to buy shares in a company that I think could well become the next Adobe! Even at this price, I think Unity represents an excellent investment opportunity that could potentially 5X! Check out why I think UNITY STOCK COULD POTENTIALLY 5X!

Plug Power (PLUG) - According to a recent report by RBC, Plug Power is the best way to invest in the Hydrogen economy! The company is the largest supplier of hydrogen fuel cells with their products most commonly being used in forklifts & other warehouse mobility vehicles. As their technology develops, we should see the business expand into other markets including commercial vehicles having recently struck a deal with BMW!

For the 1st time in a while, I made ZERO changes to the portfolio in June! As somebody who buys growth stocks based on their long-term potential, this should be more of a regular occurrence than it is… It’s important to give your decisions time to play out! Unless something unexpected happens, sit back, trust your research and wait for the wave.

As you can see, we caught a few waves last month… and a tsunami thanks to Editas Medicine! We’ve had to be patient with Editas whilst competitor Intellia outperformed in 2021 thanks to its connection with Nobel prize winner Jennifer Doudna. I fully expect Editas to catch up with Intellia over the next 12-24 months thanks to their greater pipeline of trials, intellectual property & exclusive rights to all gene editing developments made by top Universities across the US!!

Check out my videos on Editas Medicine, Lemonade & Unity on my Youtube channel by clicking HERE!

A great June meant that we ended the quarter pretty much even-stevens… Considering the large correction in crypto & high growth stocks, it’s great to see that we have protected our 27% gains from Q1! Now that we’ve ridden out the storm & repositioned ourselves… The second half of this year should be exciting! We are now going into Q3 & Q4 loaded up on stocks like Unity, Lemonade & TME which are all trading +70% away from all time high’s and therefore should power us higher over the next 6-12 months!

When these moves start to happen, I expect (both) cautious & momentum investors to pour out of value stocks and back into these fast growing tech stocks of the future. Our shares will begin to outperform the market and we will benefit from being patient… As we have done through every single correction like this in the past!

Stay Strong… Stay Long (hmm not sure about the sound of that)

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