Last month was a record beater for many major indexes including the FTSE100 (UK) which was up 17% & the S&P500 (US) which gained 12% - Their best months since 1989 & 1987 respectively!

Despite these huge gains, we were still able to massively outperform the indexes as our portfolio had it's best month since 2017 (+33%). This has now taken our year to date gains above 60% which once again far outpaces major indices such as the S&P500 (+17%) & the Chines SSE Composite Index (+13%).

This is my regular monthly update in which I outline any major changes to my stock portfolio for those following my trading strategy. Firstly, I wanted to start by highlighting the best performers in our stock portfolio for the month of November!

1) Ripple (XRP) +170%

2) Aurora Cannabis (ACB) +150%

3) Lemonade (LMND) +65%

4) GW Pharma (GWPH) +50%

5) Spotify (SPOT) +40%

Despite many other stocks in our portfolio performing well over the past month, these 5 stocks delivered us enormous gains and were the stand out performers! In fact, you may recognise some of the names above from my previous post on 10 STOCKS THAT SHOULD DOUBLE IN 2021!

Given these huge fluctuations during the month of November, a lot of tinkering was needed in order to secure and then re-apply our profits to rebalance the portfolio & capitalise on the magic of compound interest. This is a vital aspect of any good long term investment strategy and most certainly used by all of these 10 LEGENDARY INVESTORS!


No new positions opened this month.


Netflix (NFLX) - Has been forming a base since July. Increased the position in Netflix nearer the low end of its trading range and will consider trimming as the stock inevitably rises to retest $550 (10% upside).

Tilray (TLRY) - One of the few US based cannabis stocks available on the NASDAQ. Should benefit as states within the US begin to legalise marijuana.

EA (EA) - The gaming stock has underperformed its peers Activision Blizzard, Take Two Interactive & Nintendo over the past 3 years. I believe that the stock will beat earnings expectations this quarter and could be a good catch up trade within the gaming industry.

Lemonade (LMND) - Despite the short amount of time that the stock has been available to trade, $50 per share began to look like an excellent buying opportunity from a technical perspective. The company has chosen their products wisely and therefore I believe that their growth will continue regardless of the economy.

Editas Medicine (EDIT) - The stock has underperformed CRISPR Therapeutics & NTLA over the past couple of months. I expect investors in the space to rotate out of the high flyers and take Editas higher over the mid-long term.


Canopy (CGC) - The stock now has a market cap bigger than Tilray, Cronos, Aphria & Aurora Cannabis combined. Canopy is the safest pick within the sector but right now I don't think that the stock offers the same growth potential as some of their peers.

Easyjet (EZJ) - Despite not usually investing in airline stocks, I sensed a huge opportunity when Easyjet was trading at $500 per share. I have since started taking profits at multiple points between $700-900.


Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA) - Leading on from the above, NTLA has risen 90% since the start of November and the stock is now overbought. The stock is very volatile and could easily suffer a 30-40% correction at any time.

Ripple (XRP) - After a 150% monthly gain, it was time to take a profit on XRP. I would be a buyer again at the $0.50 level.

After a month that has involved many trades than usual, I believe that our portfolio is appropriately balanced to largely protect the gains we have accrued this year whilst ensuring that we are well positioned to continue benefiting from the MEGA GROWTH TRENDS that we have identified.

Not only do we have exposure to these growth industries but, through continuous & vigorous analysis, we continue to identify and own shares of the best companies within them. Finally, I'd like to once again say well done to everybody who has grown their savings with me so far this month. Continue to trust in our portfolio & trading strategy and I assure you that we will continue to grow our savings faster than almost every other method out there.

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