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Investment apps are quickly becoming the best way for first time investors to keep up to date with the stock market, make trades and learn from other investors. Below is a quick list of my favourite apps that I use daily to help me stay on top:

1. Investopedia

Investopedia is the Wikepedia for investment terms and my go to app to help understand the technical jargon and financial terminologies that I come across in my research. It’s the world’s leading source of trusted financial educational content online and provides the user with daily investing and financial news from some of the biggest experts in the world. For those who are new to investing, Investopedia is great to help learn the trading lingo and gives the user context on how to apply it.

2. Investing.com

Investing.com is one of the leading global financial websites and provides the user with a comprehensive overview of the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Here you will find key dates of global economic events that may influence the stock markets, company earnings reports and data that allows us to conduct more in depth technical analysis of stocks. I use this app daily to aid with my research of individual stocks and to learn more about the more complex aspects of a company’s fundamentals (eg: moving averages, pivot points and comprehensive breakdowns of financial earnings).

3. Market watch

Market watch is a financial information website that provides the user with live updates regarding financial and business news. It’s great to help keep up with the latest on the stock market when you’re on the go as you can access up to date headlines that will impact market trading and save yourself the time of reading papers. I use this app to gather financial news, daily global market stories and to look at stock prices in real time to help with my daily analysis.

4. Tip ranks

Despite being unavailable for Android (I use the website), Tipranks, the ground-breaking provider of financial accountability, is my personal favourite app to help with daily research. It’s an excellent source of information that gives the power back to the individual investor by ranking financial bloggers, hedge fund managers and corporate insiders based on their accuracy, performance and reliability. In addition, it allows you to create your own demo portfolio with the stocks you’re most interested in and gives you the best articles from the web about your chosen stocks each day. As a result, I use this daily to find out everything that I need to know about my stocks from reputable sources!

For new traders, Tipranks is great for providing answers to the most basic questions about investing, to help see what other analysts are doing and to get notifications on upgrades or downgrades of stocks. Check out my profile on there (I’m in the top 2%)!

5. Stocktwits

Stocktwits, or Twitter for traders, is a great, free to use social network that keeps you updated on what other investors are thinking, doing and what’s happening with your favourite stocks. Despite a lot of noise and numerous irrelevant comments to sift through (as you find on a lot of social media), there are some great traders on there who provide relevant articles, advice and tips to help with investing. You can also set up watchlists, view trends and follow stocks to stay on top of even whilst the market is closed. I use this app to keep an eye on stock prices outside of market hours and to post daily status’ with stock updates and links to articles that I find interesting.

6. eToro

The world’s largest social trading platform and best way to trade (in my opinion!). eToro allows investors to trade stocks, currencies, commodities and indices in a simple and cost effective way. It’s available on any device, is easy to use, regularly updates to improve user experience and even allows beginners to create a practice portfolio before using real money. I use eToro for 100% of my trades and love the social media aspect of trading that it provides. You can copy and follow other traders, interact and debate with people about the market or individual stocks and see other traders daily thoughts, advice and insights. For me, this makes investing fun, engaging and provides me with reassurance when I make certain trades.