We love to travel the world, but one thing that we definitely don’t love is the actual travelling part. As amazing as it is to be able to land in a new and exotic location every month, there’s a reason why the influencers and travel bloggers hardly show the endless hours spent waiting in airports and sitting on planes on their Instagram feeds. It’s exhausting, time consuming and, for some people, really anxiety provoking!

For us, the love of being abroad far outweighs our dislike of flying but despite that, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our days spent in transit as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Luckily, our smartphones are making it so much easier to do this and there are now a huge range of travel apps designed to help to improve our flight experience.

After trying and testing A LOT of them, here are our top 6 essential travel apps to help us have a better flight:


A happy journey starts with the booking process so it’s essential to have a great flight booking app to hand. For us, that app is Skyscanner! We use it to book all our flights and to plan our entire travel itinerary for long trips.

The Skyscanner app is super easy to use, has no hidden fees and even shows which planes emit less CO₂ to help us to make a more informed choice when planning to travel.

Favourite feature: The Everywhere function. This button allows us to see and compare prices of flights to all countries from our location. Cue sitting in a café and letting the app decide where we go next!

Available to download for free on iOS and Android


For those of us who can’t afford a personal assistant (yet), this app is the next best thing when it comes to travel. Just sync it up to your email or add in your flight number and App in the air will keep track of all of your flight itineraries, show you your baggage allowance and flight amenities, update you on boarding times, landing times, current waits at check in and security and send alerts for any delays or changes. How we managed to travel for months on end before this app I do not know.

Favourite feature: Tips from other travellers at each airport advising on anything from the best coffee at the airport to where to access free wifi or charge your phone.

Available to download a free version on iOS and Android (Premium version costs $4.99 for 5 flights)


This app is perfect for layovers or long-haul flights as it enables us to turn what is usually a mind numbing experience, crammed in to an uncomfortable chair watching the screen for our gate whilst time seems to stand still, in to a luxury all you can eat and drink, entertainment filled few hours of fun that we don’t want to end!

Loungebuddy lets you view and purchase instant access to airport lounges across the world no matter who you’re flying with or what class ticket you have. From our experience, day passes averagely cost around $35pp (£30) but this price will usually include unlimited food and drink, bottles of water or soft drink that you can take on your flight, fast Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, nice clean toilets with no queue, showers and sometimes extras including a cinema, games rooms, magazines, nap rooms, massages or a gym! Beats an overpriced coffee and questionable fast food in the terminal right?

Favourite feature: Lounge reviews. Reading through these helps us to find out exactly what amenities are included and what people think of a particular lounge before we book!

Available to download for free on iOS. For Android we use Loungeme


We are both anxious flyers so for us, Sky Guru is a must-have app to help mentally prepare for our flight. As a lot of flight anxiety is due to uncertainty about what’s happening or what will happen in the air, Sky Guru acts like your personal pilot by educating and reassuring you about what’s really going on.

Just enter your route 24 hours before take-off and the free version of the app will provide you with weather and turbulence forecasts so you know what’s coming. Upgrade to the full version ($5.99 per flight) for real time alerts which explain all of the noises, bumps and sensations as they happen. Knowledge really is power with this one!

Available to download basic version for free on iOS and Android (In app purchases of $5.99 per flight)


Headspace is another one of our go to apps to help to reduce stress, relax and even sleep during a long flight. The app makes meditation simple by providing users with hundreds of short guided sessions on topics including anxiety relief, relaxation, stress management and sleep improvement. These are all great to listen to when flying to help to remain calm and improve our mental wellbeing. All we have to do is sit back, put our headphones in and let former monk Andy Puddicombe talk us through the rest!

Favourite feature: SOS sessions that are designed to help users in moments of high anxiety.

Basic pack including 10 essential exercises available to download for free on iOS and Android ($95 for an annual subscription)


How stressful is it when you’ve paid so much money for a trip, looked forward to it for months and travelled on a long flight to a new country to arrive so jet lagged that the next few days whizz by in a blur of exhaustion? That’s where Time shifter comes in.

The app, which is also used by athletes and astronauts, helps us to resync our circadian rhythms with our new time zone by creating a personalised ‘anti-jet lag’ plan for each user. Just enter some information about yourself and your trip and the app will offer pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight suggestions to combat jet lag including when you should sleep, seek or avoid light, drink caffeine or take a nap. How cool is that?!

Available to download for free on iOS and Android (First jet lag plan is free. Additional plans cost $9.99 each or $24.99 for an annual subscription)


Got any other apps that you can’t fly without? Let us know in the comments!

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