If you started your own business today and invested £10,000 in it, would you be happy if you doubled your money by the end of the year? I know I would! This is why I invested in the stock market. Investing in stocks is a lot like starting your own business but you don’t have to give up your own time or energy, you get to put your money towards a tried and tested product and you can let a far more experienced management team do the hard work for you whilst benefiting from their success!

As a long-term investor on eToro, I am constantly on the lookout for stocks that offer tremendous growth potential and, by finding and investing in such stocks over the last 5 years, I have now built up enough capital to leave my 9-5 job and let my money work for me (rather than the other way around). I am often asked which stocks could grow people’s savings the most quickly so here are 10 stocks that I believe could double in 2020:

1. EDITAS MEDICINE (currently $16 per share)

Editas medicine is a gene editing company that is currently in the process of trialling a gene editing tool that will attempt to cure blindness and sickle cell disease. I invest in this company as I believe that, despite being part of an extremely new industry, the gene editing business is only going to grow over the next decade. In my opinion, positive trial results from Editas will likely be enough to shoot the price of this stock up a lot higher. The company is also valued at under $1bn due to the untrodden path that it’s currently exploring therefore, it could easily become a take-over target for larger pharmaceutical companies in the near future.

2. NTLA (currently $11 per share)

This is another gene editing company that’s in the trial phase of using CRISPR technology with a focus on targeting leukaemia and transthyretin amyloidosis. NTLA’s trials are slightly behind those of Editas and they don’t expect results until at least mid-2021 but any positive indications that emerge could easily lead the stock to rise back up to all time highs of around $35 per share. Furthermore, despite being in the same business as Editas Medicine, NTLA is currently worth around half the amount. If their trials produce as good results then it is more than likely that the stock price could double in value.

3. AURORA CANNABIS (currently $0.70 per share)

Aurora cannabis was once was the second biggest cannabis stock by market cap and, although it has come crashing down after making a string of terrible decisions in the last 12 months, I really like this stock as it has the largest marijuana growing capacity in the world and has built promising relationships in Europe (unlike many similar stocks). Right now sentiment is at an all-time low after the stock price collapsed 95% in just over 1 year, so even the slightest good news could propel Aurora cannabis upwards!

4. GW PHARMA (currently $75 per share)

GW is more of a pharmaceutical business than a cannabis company given that their major revenue driver is the world’s only FDA approved cannabinoid which is used to treat conditions including epilepsy. I expect 2020 to be another stellar year for GW as they look to expand the use of their cannabinoids on conditions including autism, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis. In addition, GW is the only major cannabis business that is listed on the New York stock exchange yet based in Europe which gives the business a unique advantage once European countries begin legalising marijuana.

5. CANOPY GROWTH (currently $10 per share price)

Canopy growth is the largest marijuana company by market cap thanks to its partnership with beverage giant Constellation brands (the makers of Corona). Although the share price crashed over 80% in 2019 after an investor frenzy pushed it up way too fast, the company has the best balance sheet in the cannabis industry with billions of dollars to hand and is the best positioned to capitalise on the cannabis infused beverage industry!

6. BEYOND MEAT (currently $62 per share)

This maker of plant-based meat substitutes has been on a roller coaster journey since it became available to investors last May and the stock price rose from $46 per share to $230 before crashing back down to almost where it started in a matter of months. The stock is currently trading at $62 per share but I think that the upside potential is huge given the undeniable societal switch towards a meat free diet. Beyond Meat is also tying up some excellent partnerships with the likes of Mcdonalds, Starbucks and Denny’s so I expect that many more partnerships will occur and the stock price will continue to move higher with every announcement.

7. XILINX (currently $74 per share)

This American semi-conductor company was on fire until May 2019 and almost tripled its share price in under 3 years. However, an announcement that the business would be laying off 7% of their workforce since losing their largest customer (Huawei) has caused the stock price to drop almost 50%. Although investors should expect lower earnings potential over the near term, the company has many ways to expand its revenue over the coming years as their products are one of the key components within 5G technology and autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, if trade tensions eventually ease between the US and China then Xilinx could get it's former client Huawei back and benefit even further!

8. CARA THERAPEUTICS (currently $10 per share)

Cara therapeutics is a promising biotech start up and the creator of a leading new generation kidney disease treatment. Although its most promising candidate is still going through trials, Cara can expect their revenues to increase by 30x over the next few years if they are successful. The stock is trading at a lower price than usual at the moment due to mixed results in last quarter however, if this drug is a success then it’s likely that a larger biotech company will try to acquire Cara Therapeutics for a huge premium!

9. BITCOIN (currently $5,000 per Bitcoin)

Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency and one of the best (if not the best) performing stock over the last 5 years. The price of Bitcoin doubled in 2019 and could just as easily double again in 2020. I believe that the trajectory of this cryptocurrency is rising and that we are likely to see a large boost following the upcoming halvening of the stock in May (where Bitcoin rewards are halved to prevent inflation).

10. PINTEREST (currently $12 per share)

This social media platform had its ups and downs in 2019 after a successful IPO turned in to a bit of a car crash when Pinterest's share price pulled back after a 50% rally. The problem with new stocks that have no chart pattern history is that investors have no way to tell where the support level is (check out more on support levels here). As investors chose to wait until the stock had bottomed, the share price fell a lot further than it deserved. Pinterest seems to have found some stability recently though and its management plan to start heavily increasing monetisation in 2020 and refocusing the business on its exciting future within ecommerce.


Remember, these aren’t the ‘best’ 10 stocks to invest in so to speak but, as they have a history of volatility and are currently undervalued, I believe that they are likely to double or even tripe in value in 2020.

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